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crime scene in this neighborhood just north of 80. how everything played out responded to a 911 call of shots fired. the driver of the lexus and of this two-tone pickup truck crashed at this intersection. it was there police tell me that words between the two drivers were exchanged and the argument escalated. the driver pulled a gun, shooting the driver of the truck. now, investigators say the injuries to the gunshot victim are not life threatening. the gunman is still on the run. and police tell us anyone with information should contact chp. >> thank you. >> what may be the second gang related shooting in 10 days is generating fear in menlo park. police responding to reports of gunfire, arresting four people. police say they found two
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assault rifles and 10 ounces of=)o8q marijuana. investigateors say all four have links to a gang called taliban. >> we're going to put extra patrols in the area. and we just have to see what happens next. >> two homes were hit by gunfire, investigators say the:x shots appear to have been fired from insiftd home raided. four people wounded in a nearby shooting a week ago on friday. no arrests are reported. police say so far they aren't getting any. z are investigating the death of a man found unconscious in a trash can. the 21-year-old discovered by a woman yesterday morning at 10th street and d street. he later died. the can where he was discovered does not belong to the house that it was in front of. police are call the death sus
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spish yuchls a cause of death has not yet been released. kind, nice to everybody. and+dd always said hi. hola. jhit3 a good boy. >> police say perez was injured and had alcohol in his system. >> a major development in the ongoing case two of pedestrians hit by a car the night of the protest a year ago. >> abc 7 news has more on this. >> happening now, abc 7 news learned that the two pedestrians hit by a car during the occupy strike a year ago are suing oakland police and bart in court. lawyers for the two say it's been a year since the incident but that neither bart nor police have acted on this case. they're suing the police department saying they violated their client's first amendment rights not responding to what they say was an attack on them when they're supporting the
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protest.-ç;nu a cell phone captured what happened on november 2. people were walking down broadway at 11th. a mercedes-benz tried to cross the intersection. the car nudged lance lavador who banged on the hood. police responded. an angry crowd wanted an arrest. instead officers released the driver, which further aggravated this crowd. driver's information down and gave it to oakland police. lawyers for the two victims say they don't know of any witness that's were contacted. what is more, they tell abc 7 news neither da nor police have responded to questions. >> we know prosecuters won't be filing misdemeanor charges because a statute of limitations expired a week ago. lawyers don't expect charges to be filed, either.
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vic lee, abc 7 news. >> no sign of progress today, just to repeat that, after 15 months of bargaining, 7,000 workers walked off their jobs last weekend. >> sticking points are health care, benefits and wages. >> everybody struggles. at the same time, we know that they -- they should be able to at least meet us halfway. >> railly's says it has to make cuts to remain competitive with nonunion competition. >> a san francisco motorcycle officer is recovering after he collided with a car south of market. it happened on brannon street just before noon today, sky 7 was over the scene. officer taken to san francisco general hospital with nonlife threatening injuris.. >> in pinole a driver faces
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felony dui charges after this happened to his car. police say the driver lost control, plunging about 25 feet off of a freeway overpass. the car ended up on the roof, highway 80 near the exit. the 20-year-old driver and passenger got out of the car without help. they were not apparently hurt. crews have replaced the damaged guardrail. >> driving while sleepy can be almost as dangerous as driving drunk according to the national transportation safety board. that is why the chp and national sleep found qaigs are are -- foundation are raising drowsyness awareness week. >> veterans around the bay area honored for their service today. >> many of those are having a difficult time from their military live to a job in the civilian sector. >> laura anthony has more from martinez. >> today was a day to celebrate bay area veterans
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and many appreciate that. at the same time, veterans here and aconsiders the country having a difficult time finding a job. >> it's been hard, really hard. some of the qualifications i have, i received while in service. really they don't necessarily translate to the civilian world. >> some employers are facing and eager to hire veterans, others concerned about possible mental health issues or redeployment. >> yesterday's game against rams, met with a neurologyist today. >> he has to pass exams before he's cleared to play again. the 49er quarter back took a big hit in the second quarter. the coach said this afternoon smith told him injuries occurred on a quarterback sneak a few plays later.
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>> smith experiencing blurry vision but stayed in the game. smith thought his vision was clear. when it didn't he was taken to the locker room. >> league rules require a neurologyist to clear a player before he can return. smith is said owe to be feeling better and will have to go through one practice before being cleared to return. niners playing bears next monday night. at this point expectations that he'll play in the game a week from tonight. >> we hope so. >> it's nice weather outside. for a fall day. >> it's a little cool. >> spencer christian will be the man to decide this. >> cool day. i would call it pleasant day. here is a look at live doppler 7. you can see mainly cloud-free skies there. a system coming close to us. it's not expected to bring us rainfall.
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63 across the bay in oakland. low 60s around the bay area. here is a look at5.úb our forecast. clouds developing tonight, cool into evening hours, overnight clouds becoming thick in spots. chilly conditions into early morning hours, low temperatures dropping just below 40 in cooler spots. but by afternoon tomorrow, partly cloudy2lfpz mainly sunny. sunnier after the moorngs mild with highs in the low 60s on the coast. up to 70 in inland spots. there is warmer weather, then, rain, i'll tell but that in the accu-weather forecast later. >> thank you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news, sex abuse scandal on sesame street. accusations against the man voices the puppet elmo. what he says about the claims. >> a big delivery to a san francisco church treating thousands to a traditional thanksgiving meal. >> later it's a brawl everyone is talking about.
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>> we're talking penalty handed down today after fists went flying between nasar drivers. >> take a look. everybody calm so far in this skyway. it's slow going. left to right oncoming trafrk head together east bay. lower deck of the east bay a little better, stay with us, back with m
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the puppeteer who performsuq
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exlmo on sesame street is taking a leave of absence yens after accusations he had a relationship with a 16-year-old boy. the young man is now 23. clash says the relationship was consensual, and started when the accuser was of legal age. sesame work shop says it investigated and found them unsubstantiated. officials say the character of elmo will continue to be on the show. >> the bay area holiday food drive kicked off with a familiar site. a triple atow truck dropped off boxes full of turkeys. 600 in all. the donation going a long way to feed 5,000 people expected at glide this thanksgiving day. the reverend says it's a tñ on their donations. >> wed hope to be able to raise $3 million in two months. >> it's visiting 25 charities
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in northern california over next few days, donating eight tons of turkeys. >> second harvest food bank also needs turkeys so local pantries can provide traditional meals this, year's goal is 12,000. second harvest still needs almost 6,000 and they can be dropped off at food banks in and second harvest extended hours to make donating easier. we have times listed on our web site under see it on tv. while you're there, you'll find information on our share your holiday food drive. coming up on december 12th abc 7 news team will be broadcasting live from around the bay area tooking -- taking your donations from local food banks. >> business news now. fcc putting pressure on google and is kodak getting out of bankruptcy?
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after the b!mx cj% ftc turning up heat on google. bloomberg news learned ftc demanding google resolve an antitrust case against it within days or face a lawsuit. you might recall ftc has been a year and a half over whether the company uses dominance in the internet search to hurt competition two. sources tell us google has been talks for a couple weeks but not proposed any prem rem dis to alleged violations. kodak moving close twror getting out of bankruptcy arks ranging $793 million in financing from creditors that is8>)ñ contingent on kodak sellg it's patent fort folo resolving the company's uk pension and other issues kodak says it's hoping to get out of bankruptcy next year.
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m sm tech angles to a resale story, best buy names sharon mccoll yum as its new chief financial officer, she helped develop e commerce business and best buy is hoping the improved online sails will help turn around this struggling kchl a dark cloud hanging over the new e. ceo of "new york times" company. controversial ranges over his handling of the sex scandal in charge of the bbc. thompson denies reports a squashed a program that exposed crimes of a former bbc host. stocks enchanged after a drop on concerns about the fiscal cliff. investors waiting for talks to start. as for your bloomberg silicon valley index, it closed lower,
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microsoft celebrating the release of the halo video game franchise, sales get this, topped $220 million in the first day expected to break the $300 million mark bit end of the first week. it has generated $3 billion in revenue but will have competition starting tomorrow when black hawk two comes out.r- big money, big games. larry and carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. >> clear, crisp day out there. >> we're so spoiled there. >> if it's below 65 we say it's chilly out there. clear, check this out.fp beautiful skies right now. just about cloud-free looking from our high definition sutro camera.
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we'll have clouds passing north. at the moment, you can see it's cloud free from ouj to inland. and these are temperatures around or just above 60 degrees in most bay area locations. these are the forecast features. cool overnight condition was clouds gathering overnight. mainly north, warmer tuesday and wednesday.%p7çxqa
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up in the north bay, mainly mid to upper 60s, 68 in calistoga and napa. 67, santa rosa. east bay highs of 67 in oakland and san leandro. 69 in fremont. inland east bay on the cool side. mainly mid up toer 60s up to about 68 in livermore. and near monterey bay, temperatures in upper 60s to near 70s close to the bay and upper 60s to just above 70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast.
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milder weather tomorrow, and wednesday. cooling down slightly thursday, there is a chance of showers f and showers likely friday, then a chance late saturday into sunday. sunday could be a rainy day. we're watching that system. but we're going to call it unsettled approaching the weekend. >> a little bit of everything? >> that is right. ñ recovered jewels from the titanic about to go on first public display. >> also, it it the end of the it couple? reports out saying justin beeb year and selena gomez are over. >> and later, how california companies goring to use this technology from south korea to help them develop u.s. business. >> larry gets new move there's. >> learning from robots. >> taking a look at mcarthur maze this, is our camera. you can see it's slow going really no matter which way you're headed right now.
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but particularly tougher folks going east. stay with us.
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>> these two kids can't make it, nobody can. latest break up of the decade. >> oh, brother. >> okay. neither justin beiber nor selena gomez is commenting.
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the twitterverse buzzing with speculation. the 20-year-old gomez pulling the plug on 18-year-old beiber. organizers say the two singers are scheduled to sit next to each other at the show next sunday night. you can catch amas right here on abc 7. >> we'll have to tune in and see if they're seated next to one another. >> the film owning the box office but mabel only for a mu few more days. fans weight one of the biggest premiers of the year. >> in the next few hours4 z, dreams of many fans will come true, they witness stars of "breaking dawn" part two walk a red carpet. fans have been campedo]2 outsie of the nokia theater for days and got a special surprise this weekend from stars ashley green and1tun nicky read. >> los angeles you're taking over everybody twilight fans
4:24 pm
and it hit theaters friday. >> now, sky fall is number one in the box office. in the debut weekend, james bond's latest film took in $90 million. more than doubled daniel craig's opening for casino royal. justin beiber will be hitting the stage at the american music awards. catch amas on sunday here on abc. for more ama news, check out ot i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> rare jewels recovered from the watery grave of the titanic qoring on display. it's from a single purse bag including diamond and sapphire
4:25 pm
neck rass, rings, brooches, cuff links and a gold pocket watch. they were found two and a half miles underwater buried nearly 100 years. >> in bringing the jewels together for the public, we're able to give them a glimpse of how it must have been to have opened that for the first time and to see, together, the beautiful jewelry of the edwardin period. >> exhibit opens in atlanta, then, traveling to orlando and las vegas. >> remarkable. we're learning details about the affair general petraeus had with his biographer, and what the former cia director has to say that she sent e mails to another woman. >> the penalty handed down for one of the most-well known drivers in the sport. >> i'm michael finney. coming up, the secrets behind goodwill shopping. the bay area stores where you
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have best chances of
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and we begin this half hour with latest on the affair
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between david petraeus andzicu s biographer. >> petraeus reportedly shocked to learn paula broadwell was suspected of sending friend she saw as a romantic rival. their relationship will be the discussion of the top leaders of the cia and fbi. >> we're live with the latest on this. mark? >> good afternoon. the secretary of defense weighed in on this today saying he has not yet formed an opinion on whether petraeus should face criminal prosecution for adultery if it turns out the affair was ongoing during the time he he served in the military. this afternoon we learned more about how long they've known each other. met was six years ago in 2006. she was still a student at harvard. two years later, he agreed to let her focus on him for her dock storeal dissertation bism
4:30 pm
to 10 broadwell proposed she write his best-selling biography. now, petraeus can face criminal prosecution for adultery if they took place while in the military. >> for him to be allow the first biography to someone who hasn't written a book before seemed odd to me. >> a long time colleague came to the dpeens of his friend today. >> there was no relationship then as far as an affair. the affair started after he had been in the cia, after he retired from the army. >> whenever it began, holly petraeus was report lid beyond furious and devastated another area if petraeus sharedeem confidential informationv'[ay wh broadwell two. and a half weeks ago she seemed to seek with inside knowledge about the attack on benghazi.
4:31 pm
>> the cia actually had taken libyan militia members prisoner, they think the attack was an effort to try to get these prisoners back. >> today, abc news confirmed that the fbi located hundreds, if not thousands of e mails between broadwell and petraeus meaning they've had a lot of time and have to do work to move through all of those. carrow rin, larry back to you. >> is there an indication any confidential information is in those e mails? do we know that yet? >> not in the e mails what we've heard is that there is no indication of any confidential material in e mail buzz fbi did find some sort of confidential material on paula broadwell's computer, both say he is not the one who sent that to her. >> thank you. >> investigators in indiana say they still don't know the cause of saturday's deadly
4:32 pm
explosion in its indianapolis neighborhood. the blast flattened two homes, killing two people inside. one of them, p 1 other homes damage sod badly they'll likely have to be torn down, authorities found no evidence of a gas leak or meth lab. the owner of one house wonders if a faulty furnace could be to blame. he says he received a text message from his daughter about a problem with the furnace. no one was inside that have home at the time of the blast. >> as u.s. economy continues to work its way on a come back here, silicon valley is turning to south korea for help, south korea is seeking u.s. partners. david louie is live in santa clara. >> a lot of silicon valley companies like to arefer to south korea as a vision of the future where virtually every one has access to broad band connections and 90% of the people using publication
4:33 pm
transit pay fares dus using smart phones or smart cards. >> technology is a key driver of the south korean economy, making up 40% of the trade. without components it makes americans might not have smart phones. >>bb3y it's an under celebrated fact that korean technology surveys hopes and pockets of most americans. >> the freed trade zbreemt paving the way for more investment and partnerships between silicon valley and korea. 500 companies are showing off their latest technologies at a two-day confer yens in santa clairea. all the fun california tech firms see korea as a partner that can help them develop their technology. the company makes wireless systems. >> korea is a great launch pad, very innovative. a track record. u.s. companies like qualcom.
4:34 pm
to with the launching pad, and the spring board for the rest of the world. >> samsung is a giant in core rea, but engaged in a protected -- protracted legal battle[c[, with apple over patents. reluctant to answer my question. >> i'm saying that they can cooperate more and more. >> others hope so, too. >> it is our hope that in doing so in, partnering with the korean market we can help get great technology to everyone. >> a job fare will be held tomorrow. south korean companies who are hiring. >> thank you. lance armstrong receivered tie was live strong, the cancer chair te he founded. the decision comes just weeks after being stripped of his titles over doping allegations. he resigned from live strong's
4:35 pm
board of directors and chairman. armstrong founded the charity after surviving cancer which spread to his brain and lungs.. >> the attorney a full scale brawl. jeff gordon fined $100,000 in z.docked 25 points for wrecking clint boyer in phoenix yesterday. also placed on probation through the end of the year. >> it's being called the most chaotic nascar race of the year. sundays brawl broke out after road rage came to a head. boyer says he got too close. deliberately before you're out. >> i had had it. you know?
4:36 pm
this set up a bit. >> the pit crew attacked boyer from behind. he ran in to get in on the action he was held back. >> it's embarrassing. you know? what i consider one of the best to act like that is ridiculous. >> the crowd loved it. one posted we should thank jeff gordon for making nascar watchable again. >> sport made on site. >> these guys just tried to kill each other. >> this brawl may have a seek qeel do you think there is a retaliation due him? >> nascar says fighting on and off the strak fighting nascar, what happened was so blatant
4:37 pm
penalties will be almost certainly be handed down. >> is this double edged sword? a rubins racing. and fans love it. but then, you don't want these guys crashing into each other. >> it's dangerous.ibwuw >> still ahead, super storm sandy battered the east coast two weeks ago today. recovery and progress, there is still a long way to go. >> looking at a beautiful presunset sky. but there is change in weather coming our way. we'll have the forecast coming up. >> checking traffic once again, looking at traffic on the san side, looking nice there. slower coming back towards the east bay. all and all not as bad as other locations we've checked in
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>> water is receding in venice, itally. tourists and neighbors waded through water after aqua alto, high water flooded more than 70% of the city. which when winds funnel water up the sea. officials say water reached sixth highest level since 1872. no word yet on how much damage was caused by this.
4:41 pm
>> 76,000 angry, cold residents of long island and queens new york are asking what do they have to do to get power back two weeks after super storm sandy? the companies saying they drop the requirement to get a certified electric inspection. no is it more concentrated than rockaway. >> we don't have internet, we don't have phones.;@hy spotty cell phone, people here are basically in the dark. >> only 1500 customer remain out of power today. new jersey major utility says 99.9% of the customers are back onlichblt new jersey governor christie says gas rationing will end tomorrow. >> sign up for a check on our forecast.
4:42 pm
>> calm conditions mid section mainly dry and pleasant. high temperatures tomorrow 43 degrees. here in the state of california from warm conditions down south, highs in low 80s in l.a. and palm springs up to fres clo, 67. then, showery conditions to our north around eureka. here in the bay area, some big clouds developing in early morning hours we'll see partly cloudy and main live sunny skies tomorrow. things looking good here, warmer conditions by wednesday. expect some active weather. unsettled weather. next couple days looking good.
4:43 pm
>> still ahead a study for expectant mothers. >> abc dr. richard bester will breakdown the research. >> shopping at goodwill stores for a deal. turns out there are tricks you need to know in order to find fabulous bargains. neighborhood search for a pit bull that killed a pet poodle. one kid in the family is calling for a major crack down on pit bulls. don't be on a troush get in on black friday deals. which items get cheaper in you wait until the last minute. that is coming up at 5:00.
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a new study on pregnancy, the flu and autism drawing atension today. dannish researchers found if the mother reported having the;ñ flu during pregnancy the risk of having a child with autism rose from 1% to 2%. the chances went to 3% if fever lasted a week. the study didn't prove a definite link but says it's an important remind he for mothers to get a flu shot. >> we know that pregnant women are in the risk group going to have the most severe flu. get the shot.
4:47 pm
not the nasal spray. that can be dangerous. will protect them and their baby six months. get the flu shot should not worry because the risk is small they'd develop autism. >> goodwill is a popular option for budget conscious shoppers looking to snag a deal. >> have you ever?[0 wondered where the good stuff goes whether it's donated?. >> we tracked it down. there are a few tricks you need to know if you want a good deal from goodwill. >> some people think of goodwill as a dumping ground but shoppers can find treasures if they know where to look. >> we found a valuable painting there.
4:48 pm
in 2011 it generated $30 million in revenue. to do this, people who run goodwill have a very sophisticated merchandising plan. so millions of pounds that come in on a yearly basis we sort through every tight item. >> goodwill retail director says the most valuable merchandise goes online. it has a chance to be bid. >> we know with the world wide web and 30 million people looking at the site someone is going to be willing to pay top dollar it turns out high end merchandise gets sent to specialty goodwill stores. looking for cashmere? goodwill store to visit is on everybodying street in san francisco sunset district. >> our haigt street store is in the middle of the vintage
4:49 pm
mecca for the bay area, we want to make sure we can get cool item that's goes to haigt street store. >> west portal gets a lot of high end brands. but there are distinction, too. >> it's going to be carrying items like chanel suits or prada. that will be into the west portal store in, menlo park, you might see escada and might see eileen fisher. >> menlo park companies like to buy shoes. the flagship store on south vanness attracts collectors that is where valuable figurines can be found. goodwill new venture is a boutique called georgey and willow. >> targeting a customer. an 18 to 34-year-old woman who is more interested in the fashion look as opposed to brand. >> here, you'd find items
4:50 pm
you'd see in trendy stores like anthropologie. 80% of the revenue goes to putting people back at work. >> so people who may have been involved in the criminal justice system, may have had english as a second language, those individuals we want to take a close look at it's our mission to put them to work. >> goodwill says a majority are still regular family stores. san francisco bay area goodwill has 40 donation sites fchl you want to know where they are we've got them listed. >> interesting. >> yes. >> it is. >> they break it down. >> yes. >> thank you. >> promise we'll not sing but going to wish the bay bridge happy birthday. the span is 76 years old today. i believe i spent 10 years of
4:51 pm
my life sitting on the bridge. it's one of the most-traveled in the world carrying 270,000 commuters per day. construction crews are expected to finish transfering weight of the new roadway from a temporary support structure to its new cables by tomorrow. >> gorgeous liveérwp pictures of that. >> a big honor for a group of dancers performing this week. >> plus, if you want something bad enough, go to social media. the plea two young kids may online, all to get their parents to buy them a pet. you know how much grandma
4:52 pm
wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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east way teen-aged dancers about to perform in front of millions people as part of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> apc 7 news don sanchez takes us there.
4:55 pm
this is what the dancers will be doing. energy in a once in a lifetime experience. >> so excited to go. it's going to be an amazing experience. i'm nervous but excited. >> getting better. >> this is the second time the dance studio has been invited to appear, she says it's because they have won so many competitions and work hard. >> just so happy to have this opportunity. to be doing something you enjoy so much, two with, your friends, tree, you get to go to a locale like new york city. oh, my gosh. >> they've been sent this routine by spirit of america pro ducks will join 498 others,
4:56 pm
500 of them doing this. many of them have been dancing here since they're in kindergarten. it's like family, they develop teamwork and self confidence. >> the way she teaches us in class is like helping us in life. in general. >> culminating this time on thanksgiving day in new york. >> everybody is doing this together it's going to look awesome with many people. >> stud students have been doing fund raising. it's about a great perform skbrens a lesson in history. >> great opportunity. >> we'll be looking for them. >> yes. >> a massachusetts boy learned if you really want something, go to the internet. >> the 7-year-old posted this photo said hey, facebook my sister and i want a cat.
4:57 pm
my papa promises we can get one if we can get a thousand likes please like this picture, thank you. >> hey, facebook? yeah. the dad, dan, thought the deal would be the best way to get kids to stop asking for a cat. dad was very, very wrong. >> remi got the cat. his photo received 110,000 likes. here is remi with the cat. >> very cute. >> lesson to dad. be care whfl trying to teach life lessons.. >> right. power of social media, right there. >> thanks for joining us. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. a marine is shot dead by police, tonight what officers say they had no choice. >> search is on for a run away pit bull that kill aid pet
4:58 pm
poodle. lq young owner calls for a crack down. >> here, getting ready for a warm up, then, rain in the accu-weather forecast. >> good evening, palm springs police say they shot and killed a south bay marine because he tried to run one of them down. >> the officers shot and killed the corporal saturday morning. when officer arrived on bicycles they say he and a friend started yelling derogatory comments at them telling him to turn off the car. he refused one officer reached through the passenger side window trying to turn off the car. they say he tried to run the other officer over. they fired eight shots into the car. police recovered a stolen phone and atm card. he was just two months from
4:59 pm
finishing his four year enlistment in the marine corps. his aunt started a memorial he page. she says the family is in palm springs looking for answers.. >> police in a nation are looking for founder of the santa clara based computer company called mcafee in connection a murder case. police looking for 67-year-old john mcafee as the prime suspect of the shooting dental of his neighbor in belize. >> this is a bizarre story with facts trickling in. the next door neighbor was found dead by his housekeeper. he'd been shot in the head and mcafe sex now the crime suspect. the victim is a former californian builder who filed a complaint for firing guns and roguish behavior according to

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